We control the air quality, both in the pools and in the locker rooms or waiting areas. In the pools, the circulation and the air supply are made by two air treatment plants, controlled by BMS (Building Management System), being maintained low extraction and blowing speed in order not to create air currents.

The two air treatment plants interrogate a complex system of indoor and outdoor sensors, adjust the temperatures continuously and automatically, evacuate the contaminated air by replacing it with fresh filtered air, also dehumidify the premises, so that the microclimate is permanently pleasant and comfortable. The boilers are served by a primary heating system and a central cooling system, both computer controlled by the BMS (Building Management System). The locker rooms are artificially ventilated and have an under-floor heating system. To avoid cross-contamination, the air in: gyms and kinesiotherapy rooms, locker rooms, waiting areas, restaurant, is UV sterilized. To avoid uncontrolled air circulation, which could lead to air currents harmful to children, heating and cooling are done with underfloor convectors in all spaces except the locker room area, where heating is ensured all over the floor to create a comfortable climate for users. Pool floors are made of composite deck, an innovative material that prevents the development of microorganisms, are rough (non-slip) and are heated over their entire surface, being kept dry, warm and comfortable.