Splash Academy is the most modern concept of sports and health for children, a facility designed and built to the highest standards in the field, benefiting from the most advanced and unqualified water treatment system, the most modern pediatric medical recovery equipment and the highest degree of bio-security. The complex offers a wide range of services exclusively for children: aquatic education for babies, swimming, gym with professional equipment (designed to be used exclusively by children), pediatric kineto-prophylaxis, kinetotherapy, hydro-kinetotherapy, pediatric medical recovery in the aquatic environment, pediatric medical recovery using advanced technologies that incorporate virtual reality, assessments of posture and musculoskeletal system, as well as personalized programs (control of childhood obesity, ADHD, autism).

Microclimate adapted to the needs of babies and children

Water temperature 32.5 ° C
Air temperature 33.5 ° C
Water pH = tear pH = 7.6
ORP water≥750 (≥ORP drinking water)

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The most advanced entirely chemical-free water treatment system

Professional filtration with zeolite and activated carbon, electrolysis without salt intake in the pool, ozonation, UV.

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The highest degree of biosecurity, sanitation and control

Automated epidemiological triage
Vector control
Procedural monitoring of hygiene
Procedural monitoring of hygiene

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State-of-the-art facilities

1200 sqm only for children
2 completely non-chemical pools
1 professional gym
8 medical recovery offices and laboratories
Facilities for children with disabilities

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Splash Academy method

Safety first
Accommodation through play
Exercises adapted to age and development
Return after effort

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What customers say

About the most modern aquatic education complex for children and babies

A great place with professional people where my kids feel great. I recommend

Antonia - singer

After visiting several places where we wanted to take the child for a swim, by far Splash Academy we liked the most. Modern, clean, with very good teachers. The boy is very happy and enjoys swimming lessons. After all, this is the most important thing!

Radu Valcan – actor, TV introducer

I am glad that there is such a recreational and educational concept in Bucharest for children, at the highest standards. Congratulations to the entire Splash Academy team! I wrote some ideas about this club. If you are curious, please access the link.

Roxana Ciuhulescu – TV introducer

A dream experience! Thank you very much and we will be back every week with little Edward!

Schwartz Roxana - Schwartz Medical

Very Splashy. I highly recommend. SLY ZED APPROVED

Zed Sly – Z Performance Wheel founder

What did I like? I would say: impeccable cleanliness, qualified and welcoming staff, modern and warm environment, quality management. Honestly, I’ve seen these things before. What impressed me? At Splash Academy everything is visitable, even the technical areas, or the water treatment plant, and I really did. Everything is visible and you can receive explanations about how to sterilize water with some sophisticated equipment, or how to sterilize the air in locker rooms, or how to heat the floors of pools, how to control air circulation to prevent electricity and much more. These people don’t hide anything, they show you everything. Well, they have the most sophisticated toilet lids, with self-sanitation, special for children and everything, but absolutely everything is thought out. The children swim with their eyes open without swimming goggles … I really didn’t think that was possible. It was explained to me that a computer keeps the pH of the water equal to the pH of the tear and as such the eye is not disturbed at all. You have to see the technical rooms and the water treatment equipment, it is worth the experience, it gave me comfort in connection with the safety of my child. These people know what they are doing, they have the necessary logistics, they have invested a lot of money, that is clear, but above all they are serious and they do what they say.

Liliana Nicolae - Doctor

Not cheap, but worth it: excellent facilities and excellent trainer. I’m impressed with the temperature control and no-chemical solutions. Our baby seems to genuinely enjoy it each time.

Victor Nicholas Constantinescu – Biris Goran Lawyer

The specialized instructors of the center know how to “speak” the language of the little ones, and the mothers can only be happy that their little miracle laughs and giggles in the water.

Victor Surdu - teacher

Relax safely! A wonderful place where a team of high class professionals are at your disposal to feel perfect!

Ariton Razvan – coach of the national fitness & body building team

I liked it at Splash Academy, my child really fell in love with water, although before he was somewhat timid and cried. So thank you for teaching him to overcome his fears!

Now, Andrei voluntarily jumps in the pool and tells us: “Mommy, I can’t wait to go to Splash”. I found that, once learned, swimming becomes child’s play. In our circle, all mothers took the time to take their children for a swim, a clean sport that helps the physical and mental development of the little ones. We at Splash Academy were thrilled. And not only about Andrei’s swimming lessons, but also about the way the staff receives you, and the waiting area is warm and friendly. Bravo!

Mihaela Damian