mentoinerea microclimatului 2

Maintenance of water quality is achieved by its continuous filtration and treatment, by the permanent supply of fresh water and by quality monitoring with the automated implementation of corrective measures, if necessary. The pools have a fully automated technical room that you can visit at any time, all equipment being controlled by a PMS (Pool Management System) automation system.
Thus, all the data collected by PMS, through the sequential interrogation of the water quality monitoring sensors, are interpreted by the system, which applies the necessary corrective measures and displays “just in time” on the monitors in the waiting area for your inspection.

Maintenance of water temperature in the pools is also fully automated by working with the 2 PMS and BMS systems. While the first system monitors the water temperature and calls for corrective action, the second system provides the necessary resource. The water temperature is constantly maintained at the comfort level adapted to age and season.

Maintenance of air quality is achieved with two air treatment plants, controlled by BMS which evacuate the contaminated air by replacing it with freshly filtered air, and which also dehumidify the premises, so that the air is permanently clean and pleasant.

Maintenance of air temperature is controlled, the two air treatment plants interrogating an indoor and outdoor sensor system. Thus, the temperatures are adjusted in a continuous and automated manner.

The air humidity control is also automated, the two air treatment plants also have the function of dehumidification. In this way the microclimate in the pools is very pleasant, without the environment loaded with vapors that you have seen at other facilities.

Maintenance of microclimate in locker rooms and waiting areas. Cooling and heating of the premises is done centrally and controlled by the BMS system, at low air speeds, avoiding thus to create air currents. The humidity in the locker rooms is permanently exhausted, and the comfort heating is done through the floor to maintain a pleasant contact surface.