circuatia si controlul vectorilor

Circulation and water quality control: water circulates to the consumption points through watertight pipes, made of approved materials, which prevent clogging with impurities. All routes are inspectable, the entire installation being mounted in the gutters. The entire circulation of water in the pools is computer managed by PMS (Pool Management System). Even if the analysis and control system is automated, based on a documented procedure, we perform regular monitoring by independent laboratories.

Air circulation and control: in swimming pools the contaminated air is exhausted and replaced at low speed with fresh filtered, dehumidified, cooled or heated air by two air treatment plants controlled by BMS (Building Management System). The locker rooms are ventilated artificially and the is UV treated. There is no uncontrolled air circulation or drafts harmful to health.

Admission, movement and monitoring of users: only clinically healthy subscribers are admitted to the pools based on a documented procedure. Access is one-way using separate flows by sex and separate areas for street clothing and footwear and the use of the facility.

Access to the complex is allowed only to users and, where appropriate, their clinically healthy companions, after passing the epidemiological triage area which involves: automatic temperature scanning with the facial memory of each person, thermo-transfer protection of footwear with disposable foil, hand disinfection and, if necessary, wearing a protective mask (if the epidemiological or legislative situation requires so). Access is based on an access card, in the presence of the instructor is allowed only after showering. Parents’ access is limited to the primary locker room area, which is intended for street clothes and only wears disposable protections for footwear. The return flow is also one-way and takes place only at the end of the training hour, each pool having an emergency toilet to avoid uncontrolled traffic. The toilets are separate: adults, children, emergency toilets, being adapted to the needs of each type of user and benefit from all protection and self-cleaning systems that prevent cross-contamination.

Admission, movement and monitoring of operational staff: operational staff performs filtering operations in their own locker rooms for kinesiotherapists or support staff. The entire team is periodically tested from a medical point of view and goes through a daily pre-operational control procedure, which involves: automatic temperature scanning with facial recognition, protection by thermal transfer of footwear with disposable foil, hand disinfection and, where appropriate, airways protection (if required by the epidemiological or legislative situation). In the aquatic therapy pools, the staff permanently wears transparent visors that create a buffer between them and the users.

The movement of visitors and maintenance personnel is carried out according to a documented epidemiological triage procedure, using the available filtration areas and appropriate work equipment or disposable protective equipment.

The control of secondary vectors that could accidentally come into contact with children or with the main vectors is performed through specific procedures that include the identification of hazards and corrective measures, but also through the adequate exploitation of the social infrastructure we offer. For example, all toilet lids are: automated (with automatic disinfection after use) or protected with automatic foil and sensor.