Our vision is based on certainty and transparency. You should know that the use by babies and children of pools that do not have systems for the treatment and management of microclimate factors designed for their safety is extremely risky. That is why we use the most advanced water and air treatment technologies, the safest materials and the most complex procedures for biosecurity, vector control, management of hazard factors and maintenance of the microclimate. All processes that are related to child safety are automated to avoid human error. We are a transparent organization and we invite you at any time to note and evaluate our statements. In fact, the entire microclimate assurance system is transparent, being controlled by two computers (Pool Management System and Building Management System) that collect information using a system of sensors, interrogated at predetermined time intervals, adjust processes, and permanently display microclimate values, so that any parent may monitor them.

We believe that sports, health and nutrition form an inseparable whole, so the pediatric medical recovery clinic and the restaurant area come as support. Last but not least, our vision is to be environmentally friendly and leave as little carbon footprint as possible: the water treatment system does not use chemicals, we only use biodegradable detergents and disinfectants, all equipment and lighting fixtures have low energy consumption and do not generate sound pollution, heating and cooling is done centrally, we use solar panels for energy efficiency and a professional heat recovery system, all enclosures are thermally insulated, we use two control systems BMS and PMS to optimize consumption, etc.