suprafetele de contact

Pool floors are made of composite deck, an innovative material that prevents the development of microorganisms, are rough (non-slip) and are heated over their entire surface, being kept dry, warm and comfortable.

The closing walls  are made mainly of glass, but also of other completely washable materials, which prevent the development of microbial flora.

The walls of the pools are finished with a smooth membrane, without cracks that allow the stagnation of impurities.

The floors of the service areas are made of an non-slip PVC membrane, pleasant to touch, and easily sanitized, or ceramic, while the walls are finished with either ceramic or other washable coatings.

The access steps are made of composite deck, or of non-slip treated glass.

The access doors were made of glass with stainless steel frames and hardware, that makes them easy to sanitized.

The sanitary ware is perfectly adapted to be used by children. The contact surfaces of the toilets are either automatically sanitized after each use, or equipped with a sensor and a protective foil with an automatic dispenser.

Toys and work surfaces in medical recovery offices are sanitized after each use, through a rotation program of active substances: biodegradable detergents and disinfectants.