Our superheroes need weapons in battles with various deficiencies, and Aqua Kinetic, our medical division provides the most technologically advanced ones :
ARMEO – Upper limb evaluation and recovery system using augmented reality;
MYRO- Intelligent therapy table based on virtual reality technology;
NIRVANA- The therapy system with complete immersion in virtual reality;
WALKER VIEW – System / laboratory for dynamic evaluation, recovery and training of the musculoskeletal system;
VALEDO MOTION- Interactive solution for static vertebral reeducation;
GPS LAB – Static postural analysis laboratory;
PANATTA KIDS – Professional gym and analog-assisted medical recovery, for children aged between 4 and 12 years
TECNOBODY – Professional gym and digitally-assisted medical recovery, for children over 10 years old
MOTOMED- motor-assisted passive therapy system, and / or lower and upper limb active therapy system
TRUNK – Multi-axial sensitive platform for assessment, recovery and dynamic training of the upper body
HYDRO-KINETO – Movement therapy program in controlled aquatic environment
VIBRAMOOV PHYSIO- The system for sensory-motor rehabilitation by proprioceptive functional stimulation
DIGITAL WALL – The complex system of assessment, training and recovery using virtual reality technology
VRRS- functional and neurological recovery system using technologies based on virtual reality
PROKIN- system for assessment, recovery and training of static and dynamic balance
SMART GRAVITY – dynamic weight support system
BIONESS- System for functional recovery by functional electrical stimulation